I am Tania Sharma

Dreamer, visionary and entrepreneur.

I enjoy taking a product from concept to creation, to market within months in lightning speed. I am
always looking for new ideas and concepts wherever I go. My inspiration comes from my daily life and
my passion to touch lives of people by making everyday lives easier and comfortable. I always strive to
do that at an affordable price, so that my products can be enjoyed by all.

I am lucky to have the opportunity to research and launch new products and business. I have spoken
briefly about my journey and experiences so far in TedX. My few years of experience has taught me skills
in time management, marketing, and event management, networking and negotiating along with a few

I enjoy working with brands and companies to create new products and marketing ideas that bring customer retention with the goal of profitability in mind. I have just begun my journey and have a long way to go.