Love and Care!

Break in your new shoes first.
Don’t penalize your feet by wearing brand new shoes to a full day, straight out of the box. Break them in by trying them around the house for a few hours. This will soothe the assemble of the shoe and give you a comfortable fit. 

Do not wear two days in a row.

Wearing your shoes on consecutive days can very swiftly burn the leather. Keep an eye for tattletale signs of blackening on the inside of the shoe.

Shoes V.s WeatherTop of Form

YoYWear your shoes in the dry at first and try to evade wearing your leather soled shoes in damp weather. Allow a layer of gravel to work its way into the soles, which acts as a defense and allows them to fight the nastiest of weathers. Leather is absorbent and will weaken in the wet, try turning to your TPR soled and non leather upper alternatives when the skies are looking grey. 

Should you find yourself trapped in a shower, drying wet shoes next to a source of heat is a sure death of your shoes: you’ll crack the material.

Merely stuff them with newspaper or tissue and let them dry naturally. If they’re covered in mud, brush the mud off when dry and polish as normal. For your non leather shoes, the shoe police says that soapy water and a tiny scrubbing brush are quickest and easiest duo to remove slight dirt and stains. 

When it comes to big horrifying spots on any kind of material, we suggest buying products that are exclusively engineered towards polishing, brushing and safeguarding of your shoes. 

Also, make sure you do not forget to remove the shoelaces from shoes before cleaning.