A little girl’s parents got her a pair of little white lace ballerinas. They were the most dazzling pair she had ever seen. Putting them on, she felt like a princess in a fairytale, but this little girl did not crave a prince charming. She just wanted to live with her white lace ballerinas forever.

She kept them under her pillow so no one could harm her bellies while she slept; she even cleaned the soles every time she wore them.

This little girl grew up to be Tania Sharma (Engineer Footwear technology, PGDM) the founder of Desi Mochi and she was going to capture the world in those white lace ballerinas she loved. Little did she know that her obsession with shoes would be so infectious that it would force others to join in.

Her first partner in crime was her own sister Bhanvi Sharma (BFA) our co-founder and then her father Kishore Sharma (Director, Taxila Business School Jaipur) who steered this dream and endowed finances so we could be up and running.

Desi Mochi” comes from our native language, Hindi, when translated in English it means “Local Cobbler” and that’s exactly who we are, your friendly neighborhood shoemakers.

Our passion is handcrafting fineness and customizing shoes that are as exclusive as our clientele. All our shoes are handcrafted in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, literally the “Land of Kings“; an Indian state renowned for its vibrant mélange of hue in nature’s majestic palette and its rich cultural heritage – the blue of royalty, the pink cities and the red of sands. No wonder Desi Mochi is right at home here.