Our bespoke services offer you the liberty to make your own exclusive pair of Desi Mochi’s handmade shoes, explicit to your personal style.

  1. Choose your preferred shoe style to commence the procedure.
  2. Choose from a vast number of leathers in various finishes such as patent or softy.
  3. Once the leather is chosen, select from the vast range of color options to best reflect your personal style. You can also merge distinct colors for a bold statement or choose only tonal shades for a modest appeal.
  4. Achieve the perfect fit by getting the dimensions of your foot measured at Desi Mochi’s workshop.
  5. Find your feet components to suit your individuality. Choices of Gun metal, Black, Rose Gold, Gold and Copper finishes are available on bows, buckles and other decorative components, providing you the opportunity for individual finesse and superior style.
  6. Whether leaning towards the time-honored leather soles or the new TPR sole, with a variety of selection offered for both, pick either option that best suits you.

Generations of master shoemakers were sought and teamed with to create the most exclusive shoes for every client and only then our one dream to create art for your feet with unmatched expertise and invariable innovation allowed us to carry the spirit of bespoke into the modern era. The core of our bespoke service is the bond between the client and Desi Mochi’s artisans who at every step are prepared to make your wishes become a reality.

The creation of bespoke shoes begins with ensuring the ideal fit. At first of several scheduled appointments, the Master Last Maker takes a thorough measurement of your foot. These particular dimensions help us in contouring the foot, so we can form a last on which the upper of the clients your bespoke pair of shoes will take shape.

A trial shoe is created, allowing you to judge how the shoe will look, with an opportunity to modify any preference such as the heel height or toe shape. With the tryout shoe, concluding measurements are taken and incisions are made to inspect the shoe for even the least stress points to the feet. This allows the master artisan to further improve the accuracy of the last.

With the measurements of the final last, a pattern is made according to your particular style. Once perfected, the artisan cuts these patterns from the chosen leather which forms the upper of the shoe.

Reputable associations with notable tanneries across India mean that Desi Mochi’s bespoke studio has the pick of the best leathers on offer, allowing you an unmatched choice and guaranteed quality.

Once made, the shoes are then skillfully finished by the careful application of nourishing polish, cream and wax to craft the desired glaze.